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3903 S Cobb Dr SE #250, Smyrna, GA 30080
(Inside the Emory Clinic Building
on the Emory-Smyrna medical campus)

Call (770) 434-8976
(10 minutes from the I-75 / I-285 Intersection
on the North side)

Our Facility

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Atlanta's Leading Injury Rehabilitation Clinic


  • Immediate availability for new patients with flexible scheduling in a professional environment where patients feel safe and cared for.
  • Humanizing Healthcare - concierge level care with a focus on service, patient education and communication - sincere and compassionate.
  • 5 Star Google rating based on patient reviews.


  • Rapid coordination of care to the appropriate specialists.
  • Long term relationships with respected Pain Management, Orthopaedics, Neurology and Neurosurgery specialists.
  • Priority status referral capabilities to MRI/CT imaging.


  • Concussion - Comprehensive assessment, documentation, and treatment - cognitive, balance/vestibular, and ocular.
  • Uniquely equipped rehabilitation - - Utilizing the most advanced and innovative rehabilitation equipment with a focus on restoring a return to activities of daily living. An Allcore 360 location, with a Biodex Balance System, Functional Trainer, flexibility and strengthening equipment, physiotherapeutic modalities, flexion/distraction traction, and advanced quantitative concussion treatment protocols.
  • Disc and facet - Modified manipulative techniques that treat disc and facet syndromes in conjunction with exercise rehabilitation to increase ranges of motion, joint function and strength.
  • Extremity - Shoulders, knees, carpal tunnel syndrome and double crush injury.
  • In Addition - Treating often overlooked conditions caused by injury.
  • Bracing - Low back and extremities
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The Value-Added Difference

  • Reputation-based with 35+ years of clinical experience.
  • Location - inside the Emory Clinic Building in Smyrna/Vinings - serving the Cobb and Atlanta areas - 10 minutes from the I-75/285 intersection on the North side.
  • Justified treatment protocols based on a logical necessity for care.
  • Open communication with other treating providers.
  • Concierge level care.
physical rehabilitation
physical rehabilitation

Patient-Centric Provider-Rich

SYNERGY REHAB ATLANTA is your innovative rehabilitation clinic for the treatment and coordination of care to treat the injured person. Treatment and provider options at the appropriate and justified juncture facilitates patient improvement and negates plateaus in patient progress. This allows Synergy Rehab Atlanta, LLC to bridge the gap that is inherent within a fragmented healthcare system where the lack of all readily available sources creates a ceiling effect. Constant assessment of patient progress creates an evolving treatment plan that is individualized rather than an isolated condition limitation or one size fits all efficiency based treatment protocol. The point is that no single treatment offers a cure for all injured patients, regardless of how well that treatment is administered...who does it...and how often it is applied. The goal is to effectively reach maximum medical improvement as quickly as possible in a seamless manner.

Our Patient Promise…

We’ll Honor Goals.
We’ll Respect Time.
We’ll Protect Privacy.

We’ll Answer Questions.
We’ll Offer Choices.
We’ll Encourage Participation.

We’ll offer Clinical Excellence with the latest and safest treatment methods.

We’ll Offer Hope because with a partnership and a team, anything is possible.